Vinogradov Edgar Edgarovich

Member of the NAFD Expert Board.
Head of the department of the derivatives market in CJSC “The Exchange “Saint-Petersburg”.
Born in 1982 in Saint-Petersburg.
Education: St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (technical university).
Received higher technical and economic education.
From the beginning at the Exchange participates in developing FX+ projects and also introduces reporting.

Gavrilenko Anatoly Grigoryevich

Member of the NAFD Expert Board.
Born in 1946.
Educational background: graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University(Translation and Interpretation) and USSR Foreign Trade Academy (International economic relations).
During 1976-1986 worked in Gosplan USSR.
In 1986-1990 worked in Secretariat of COMECON.
Present time:  Chairman of the “Alor” Supervisory board, President of the Russian Exchange Union, Chairman of the Expert group in financial education by Federal Financial Market Service, Chairman of the Supervisory board NP “Sapfir” etc.

Gorunov Denis Victorovich

Member of the NAFD Expert Board.
«Admiral Markets» LLC CEO.
Born in 1973.
Educational background: in 1996 graduated with honors from Saint-Petersburg State Naval Technical University (Software engineering).
Since the founding of UMIS company in 1999 run different sectors in it.

Grinberg Ruslan Semenovich

Member of the NAFD Expert Board
Director of the Institute of Economics RAS, Ph.D. (Economics), Editor-in-Chief of “The World Of Transformations”

Kiryanov Artem Yurievich

Member of the NAFD Expert Board.
Born in 1977. Graduated from The Saint-Petersburg Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia (Political science) and The Russian State University for the Humanities (Law).
In 2006 defended a thesis and became a candidate of science in Law.
The Chairman of the Bar “Kiryanov and Partners”. A member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation (2014-2017) , head of the Civic Chamber working group on financial literacy.
The chairman of the excom of the Russian Union of the taxpayers.
The author of about 100 scientific publications, education materials and recommendations on constitutional law, tax policy and the advocacy system.

Kuryashkin Alexandr Nicolaevich

Member of the NAFD Expert Board
“Fresh FX” company  representative.
Since 2010 works in the company, specializes in developing of educational and partnership programs.
Candidate of social sciences; has  Master’s degree in Economics.
In 2006 defended a Master’s thesis “Forex market diagnostics”.
Since 2005 develops personal courses and trading systems. Experienced trader,  has numerous articles regarding Forex.

Osipov Sergey Yurievich

Member of the NAFD Expert Board.
In 1994 graduated from Bryansk State Technical University. In 1996 graduated from All-Russian Distance-Learning Finance and Economics Institute (Banks and banking) and later – its post-graduate course. Got additional education in the International Finance and Banking school in Moscow, at Moscow Exchange, passed probation in commercial banks in the EU countries. Obtained FFMS certificates 2.0, 4.0, 5.0.
Since the 27th of January, 2015 is the Chairman of JSC JSB “Kapitalbank”.

Since the 30th of June, 2015 is a member of the Board of Directors in JSC JSB “Kapitalbank”.

Salas Lusuriaga Pavel Alfredovich

Member of the NAFD Expert Board.
eToro Russia&CIS CEO.
Educational background: MA engineering course of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.
Has worked on Forex since 2009. Till 2013 developed the market in Latin America, working with the biggest brokers. In 2013 returned to Russia and took up the position of a sales&development vice-president  in Alfa-Forex.
Practicing trader, author of education programs in “Investment on financial markets (forex and stock market)”, “Intraday trading, based on Chaos theory” etc.

Slissenko Olga Anatolyevna

Member of the NAFD Expert Board
Larson and Holz Vostok Ltd. CEO

Smirnov Ruslan Konstantinovich

Member of the NAFD Expert Board.
Educational background: graduated from Saint-Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. Continued his education by taking a postgraduate course in the “computer systems design”  department.
 In 2009 received an Open University (UK) diploma in Management.
Since 2008 is an executive director of a forex company in Russia.
Since 2011 is a marketing manager in Otkrytie Broker.